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Poetry Readings

When Lovers Dissolve
Gary reads at the 2011 Non-dual Wisdom and Psychotherapy Conference at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California

Antonio's Gloves
Gary recorded his long funny poem about following "erotic clues" for a reading at Bard College. The poem appears in his poetry collection, "An Amateur's Guide to the Invisible World," and also in the lit journal "Wood."


Love and the Poetic Tradition
Listen to Gary Rosenthal's opening address to the International Enneagram Conference held in San Francisco in the year 2000. (Note: There is a long silence at the beginning of this audio - please be patient.)



Trespasso: Meditation With a Partner 
In this ten and half minute video, Gary guides retreatants in trespasso - the first in a cycle of gazing practices.

Meditation With an Object: Looks Like Me
In this video of the second gazing practice, retreatants rest their gaze upon an object.

Mirror Gazing: Narcissus Unveiled
In this video, retreatants use a mirror as their gazing object.