Distilled to its essence, my work is simply the reflection of two intentions. First, to orient, mirror, and support people in coming home to themselves. That is, to what's most innate, though often overlooked, if recognized at all--one's very being, presence itself...

Here a non-divided unity already prevails. And we feel complete--no longer apart from everything else. If spaciously "empty," we're paradoxically full. There's nothing compulsive driving us.  Nothing we have to do first, or think about, in order to experience a natural ease. No one in particular we have to be...  

Second, I attempt a compassionate, occasionally provocative, yet nuanced reflection of something else--exactly what it is that we currently do, or believe--that keeps the fullness of presence obscured. For when presence is obscured or inadequately valued, we can't help but thrash like a fish out of water--and feel orphaned from the sacred.

Flavors in my work include the archetypal, mythic, and poetic traditions; the irreverent humor and deconstructive clarity of the non-dual traditions; and the diverse skillful means contained within the clinical tradition of western psychology. 

We live in a time of rapid change, where the culture itself often seems lost, anxious and disoriented. This places a premium on accessing a perspective that, while innately available, is not readily offered by the culture at large. This perspective is one in which we might lock eyebrows with our wise ancestors--those of the world's sacred traditions.

Counseling Services

I work with individualcouples and groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, lead retreats, and consult by phone with clients from other parts of the world. 

Contact Gary at 510-232-8701.


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On this website you can view a sampling of audio and videos, as well as excerpts from non-fiction writingsinterviews and poetry